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  • What is the turnaround time?
    ECO - 2 to 3 weeks PRO/ELITE - 3 to 4 weeks Note: "Turnaround Time" is from the time of the approved design/paid invoice to delivery of the jerseys.
  • Can I order 1 jersey?
    We can absolutely produce orders of less than 6 jerseys, although the cost per item is quite a bit higher. If you are interested in purchasing a small run of jerseys, please contact us at
  • Is there a design fee on top of the jersey cost?
    No! All design fees are waived for orders of 6 or more jerseys. Design fees may be incurred on orders of less than 6 on a case-by-case basis, but you will be made aware of that prior to being sent an invoice.
  • What is the 50/50 Revenue Share Program that I've heard about?
    The Revenue Share Program was put in place as a way of allowing independent jersey designers the opportunity to be paid for their efforts for jersey design, as well as bringing business to Maplewood. Any jersey designer who brings a team order to Maplewood will earn 50% of the profit from that order once the team's invoice is paid. Conditions: 1) This offer is for team orders of 6+ jerseys. 2) The designer must provide completed jersey artwork and files in the appropriate formats. Additional costs associated with edits, logo vectorization, etc may reduce the profit percentage to the designer. 3) The program is in place for independant designers to earn money for their efforts, and is not to be used as a way of circumventing costs for team placing the order. Anybody who wants to take avantage of the RSP will need to have the arrangement approved ahead of time, and Maplewood reserves the right to reject the RSP offer if we feel that the program is being taken advantage of, or any of these conditions are not met.
  • More Questions?
    Please email, and we will respond to you shortly!
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